Invest in Our Growing Network of Plastic Micro Recycling Pods

Do you want a part of the future of sustainability?

There are 3 opportunities to get involved in the future as we see it.

  1. Invest in an MRP to solve your plastic waste problem whilst turning it into revenue.
  2. Sponsor an MRP at a location of your choice or one of our pre-selected sites. We have multiple tier options that suit your ESG, corporate responsibility and marketing needs. 
  3. We are looking for growth funding and support from like-minded individuals and companies looking to invest in a proven circular economy solution.

For more information on how to get involved please click here to contact us for information or submit the form below:



Help us grow our network of Mirco Recycling Plants

We are looking for growth funding and support from like-minded individuals and companies wanting to invest in an ESG-accountable program. 

By offering a sustainable circular plastic economy we are helping companies meet the Extended Producer Responsibilities, empowering communities to participate in a circular plastic economy and creating jobs for women and veterans in the communities where we operate

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