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Sharing Impact through a Circular Plastic Economy

With support from our corporate partners and clients, we have been able to develop, implement and prove both the viability and the sustainability of our Micro Recycling Pods in low-income communities. By allowing as much of the recycling process to be done locally, the recycled plastics from our pods are ready for sale back into the existing supply chain.  This helps our community collectors process higher volumes and maximises the revenue potential for all plastic types they collect and process our plastics and at the same time deliver a quality-controlled product to manufacturers to make new products from.


Established in 2016, Ocean Plastic Technologies has been working on refining a circular plastic economy. This starts with commercially processing ocean and waste plastics at the source and then recycling this waste into usable remanufactured products. Again and again and again. 

We don’t want to eliminate plastic use, we are rethinking it to accelerate the transition to an economic system in which plastics are designed to be used, not used up. We are creating a circular plastic economy that empowers industries, consumers and communities across the world to reduce plastic waste; a circular economy in which we keep products and materials in use.

The solution is to take recycling to source and monetize the collection of waste plastic, to mobilize communities to take charge of the way they use and discard their everyday plastic products.


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