Changing the way we think about protection - one yellow umbrella at a time.

As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic and a changing climate, now more than ever, vulnerable communities are especially at risk and least able to cope when a crisis does occur. A safety net has never been more important. We create eco-friendly, designer umbrellas that not only protect you on a rainy day, but also provide insurance to vulnerable communities.

Our Impact 


Building a movement

After years of social impact work, our founder, Anuja Jaitly, was moved by the way families in need live in a constant state of uncertainty. Without a safety net, it was striking how quickly everything could change in a moment when a loved one fell sick or a crop failed. The emotional, physical and financial toll it took on families and communities inspired Anuja to action: to build a movement for protection. Everyone needs a safety net.

Today, we protect everything from our family, our homes, our assets, and even our devices. What if we could think about protection in a new way? What if protection products themselves could build a movement for protecting others?. Umby is inspired to bring meaning and purpose to protection by supporting families, near and far, in becoming more resilient.

Wilofontain - Women on Waste

Phelile and Noxipho are the operational team at our plant in Wilowfonten.  Their business Women on Waste employs 5 people and generates an income for 6 to 10 grandmothers that work with a network of over 80 reclaimers within their community.

Phelele has a passion for her local environment and works daily to clean her community and to rid the local Wilgerfontein river of plastic waste that accumulates after every rainstorm.

 Noxipo is a qualified baker by trade and shares Phelile's passion for cleaning up their local environment and working closely with her local community to educate the next generation of recyclers.

Shaka's Kraal - Dematrans Waste Services

Justin and Devan run our micro recycling plant in Shaka'skraal.  Their business Dematrans employs 7 people and generates an income for 4 grandmothers that work with a network of over 70 reclaimers within their community. They allso recycle the plastics from the neighbouring seaside towns.

Justin is full of energy and enthusiasm for recycling and with over 6 years’ experience in dealing with some of the worst and hardest to recycle plastics. Located on the Mhlali river Justin’s team is instrumental in removing and containing tons of plastic that could otherwise enter the local river and its surrounding flood plain

Deven is a well-seasoned recycler and has been operational in Shaka'skraal for over 10 years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is helping our ability to build capacity and to expand on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

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