Why us?

(re)ˣ was born from the desire to reduce the world’s consumer footprint, starting with single-use plastics. While it’s nearly impossible not to consume at least some plastic products, we wanted to find options for everyday items and turn them into an opportunity to take plastic out of the environment and ultimately eliminate the need for new plastic altogether.

The (re)ˣ hanger is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.  Raw materials are ocean  and multi-layer plastics (MLP) sourced from beach clean-ups and local recycling efforts in South Africa.  In addition to utilizing plastics from the ocean, we also use snack and dog food bags, discarded flip flops, soles of shoes and other types of plastic waste.  MLP is not easily recyclable, but our manufacturing partner’s proprietary technology makes this possible.

Like us, our manufacturing partner, Ocean Plastic Technologies, is dedicated to caring for the planet through their sourcing and manufacturing processes and procedures. Their "Earth First" ethos gave us the perfect partner to launch this project. We are also thrilled to have our packaging hand printed and assembled by a single moms group in South Africa.


Wilowfontein - Women on Waste

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Shaka's Kraal - Dematrans Waste Services

Durabn Harbour - WOW Co-operative


Umgababa - Women' Powering Waste 



Environmental commitments
Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.
Long-lasting design
(re)ˣ was born from the desire to design sustainable alternatives to everyday items. Our first effort is an attractive and functional hanger that would last significantly longer than a typical one. Special attention was given to the usual weak areas of hanger design and the overall thickness was increased to add to the durability. This means the (re)ˣ hanger will last longer, thus creating less waste.

Reusability and recyclability
The (re)ˣ hanger is manufactured from 100% recycled ocean and MLP (potato chip and dog food bags, laundry containers, flip flops, rubber soles from tennis shoes, etc) and can be recycled just like any other recyclable plastic. As with most hangers, the design allows it to be repurposed for items other than clothes if desired. Each hanger color offered by (re)ˣ is due to the content of the recycled plastics that are used in the manufacturing process and can shift slightly due to the availability of plastic colors available. All of our packaging is made from 100% recycled material, 100% biodegradable. This is the whole idea! Everything is recyclable or biodegradable!

Sustainable materials
Our design team focuses on sustainable materials in all phases of design and manufacturing, from the product itself to the packaging it ships in. We work with our factories to ensure the materials we use offer maximum sustainability, performance and long-term usability. As part of our commitment, we are continually auditing our products and materials to see if anything can be updated or improved.

Environmentally friendly factories
Our manufacturers conform to the strictest environmental and social mandates possible in the country of origin and has a history of producing products for multinational corporations.

Sustainable Distribution
We chose shipping methods that allow us to minimize the quantity of material, while still protecting products from damage. We actively measure and manage the packaging-to-product ratio to continually reduce waste in our recycled-content shipping cartons. In addition, we use supply-chain partners who share our goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

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