OPT's Micro Recycling Solution

Your 'All in One' equipment and management solution for processing plastic waste 

  • Self contained units that can be placed on site where plastic waste can be collected, sorted and processed at one convenient location.
  • Can be mobile or at a fixed site
  • 4 in 1 processing plant capable of shredding, cleaning, drying and granulating.
  • Proprietary Engineering and processes to handle all grades of plastic (1-7)
  • Non intensive process- can be operated by 1 person
  • Assembled in a 20’ container or prefab space
  • Processing capacity in excess of 1 ton per day

Benefits of OPTMicro Recycling Plants

Recycling is a logistics problem with only 6% of plastic waste being recycled effectively. Our Micro recycling Plants add value by:

  • Converting plastic waste into revenue through guaranteed buy back agreements on all recycled plastics
  • Process plastic waste at source reducing your logistical costs 
  • Job creation and community upliftment
  • Affordable set up and running costs​
  • Sustainable solution for plastic waste
  • Closing the loop on a circular economy
  • Plastic waste reprocessed into a valuable good going back into the manufacturing system
  • Assist corporations to achieve EPR and ESG goals
  • OPT offers a complete equipment and management solution for processing plastic waste

Technical Specifications

  • Proprietary Engineering and processes to handle all grades of plastic (1 7)
  • 4 in 1 processing plant capable of shredding, cleaning, drying and granulating.
  • Non-intensive process can be operated by 1 person
  • Assembled in a 20’ container that can be easily transported
  • Processing capacity in excess of 1 ton per day
  • Authenticated traceability of plastics journey

Our Technology

All recycled material has data-driven transparency
  • Product weight and volumetrics measured during the  processing cycle
  • Coded traceability to accurately document the cycle of the processed plastic
  • Captures an auditable chain of custody from collection point to remanufactured products



Companies benefit from providing a localized recycling option that accepts all plastics.
•Customer awareness and education
•Convenient, localized recycled solution
•PR and Marketing opportunity
•Customer incentives program shopping coupons for plastic waste
•Supplier/Retailer collaboration

Community Recycling Centres

Communities can now monetize recycling while offering residents a convenient and profitable recycling solution
•Located at accessible and convenient drop off points
•Reduce logistical costs transporting to major reclamation facilities

What We Have Achieved So Far

In 3 Years our POC has been achieved in partnership with global companies. 

"There's simply not enough recycled plastic available to meet the commitments that have been made by not only P&G, but our peers and industry.“                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                  Jack McAneny, VP of Sustainability P&G

Investment and Sponsorship Opportunities

We have various packages available to allow you to be a part of the journey to secure a truly circular economy. 

Funding opportunities from as little as $20k

Our Latest Projects

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