Rethinking Recycling

Our Circular Economy starts at source

"If we recycle and repurpose waste plastic, the intrinsic value of single-use plastic waste would top more than $100 billion globally."
To create a new, inclusive plastic waste economy that is sustainable, we have to take recycling to source and monetise waste in communities. 

We have to rethink and redesign the waste plastic circular economy. Investing in communities is key and by taking recycling to source, we’re working to advance a sustainable and inclusive waste plastic economy that drives entrepreneurship, wealth creation and community development.

Together with forward-thinking corporate partners, non-profits and governments, we are working in South Africa, America, Puerto Rico and Morocco to create scalable solutions that capture the value of waste and generate new opportunities for waste collectors in communities.


Our Solution


Deploying networks of Micro Recycling Plants (MRPs) as close to the waste source as possible allows us to effectively sort, clean and process waste plastic on a smaller scale for sale back into the existing supply chain.


Our reclaimed plastics have much higher commercial value and provide a more viable stock feed for remanufacture into usable products. All forms of plastic waste are recycled by our manufacturing facilities and production partners into new products. 


Our goal is to remove as much plastic from the environment as possible and feed it back into the existing supply chain, reducing the need for virgin plastic. Ultimately, this will help our oceans and planet to recover. 

Our Growth Impact


direct jobs created by each MRP


community jobs created by each MRP

2 000 000

kilograms of plastic reclaimed and remanufactured each year

We are beyond thrilled to be able to partner with a company that shares our vision for bringing our designs to life.

Paulina Quintana, CEO of (re)x

Want to know more?

If you would like more information on being part of our circular economy, send us an email and we'll set up an online meeting. 


2020 White Paper: Circular Economy

Introducing circular elements into the linear economy in a non-disruptive and sustainable way.

2020 White Paper: Micro Recycling Plants

Collecting and repurposing ocean bound plastic into sturdy and clean products through the adoption of the Micro Recycling Plants model. 


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