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Reclaim, Recycle, Recover

We recycle ocean and waste plastic into a diverse range of products and laminate boards that can be used in a multitude of everyday products.

Green credentials

We recycle any plastic into usable sheeting and plastic ply boards of various densities and dimensions. 


Our re-manufacturing plant allows us to handle ocean & recycled plastics together in one process. This allows us to manufacture materials that are ascetically appealing and both thermally and acoustically efficient. 

Minimise impact

Make plastic go in circles!  An integral part of our business is our ability to take back and reuse any product we have manufactured at its end of life. This allows us to secure our raw materials in the future and to actively participating in a circular economy. 

The question we must all answer....

is it true that if the oceans die, we die? 

“The planet is already broken. We’re not looking at something that will happen in 100 years, it happened already. Climate change is real. We missed the deadline. We’re already in the red zone. I’d say we have 15 years, maximum 20... the youth are our biggest hope.”

“If we continue as we are the ocean will be dead in 2048. The idea that the oceans are dying is too big for me, it shocks me, we are heading for such a monstrous disaster... Environmentalism can’t be about warning anymore, it needs to be about a total redesign of our economy.” - Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans

Credits -  Cyrill Gutsch, https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/ne55gd/parley-for-the-oceans  https://www.weforum.org/ and i-d.vice.com


Our technology

We take waste and ocean plastic in its collected form and combine it with recycled plastics to manufacture ocean plastic based laminate boards point of sale solutions, sheeting, agricultural and promotional products..

Our patent pending technology reduces the need for ocean plastics to be separated into its different components, saving time and money. This allows us to deliver a sustainable solution on how to remove and re-purpose reclaimed ocean plastic or re-manufacture wasteplastic before it enters our oceans. 

Our story so far...

Since 2016 Ocean Plastic Technologies has been working on our refining our manufacturing process to commercially process ocean plastics and recycling it into usable laminate boards and products. Thankfully there is substantial focus on removing the plastic from our oceans and this is why we are focused on what to do with it.

The challenge with ocean plastics is the mix of different plastic types and the cost of separating them for recycling is prohibitive or restrictive. Currently less than 70% of reclaimed ocean plastic can be recycled and this requires either expensive equipment or a large skilled work force.  Our manufacturing process takes reclaimed ocean plastic and without the need to separate out the different plastics we turn it into usable laminate board that can be machined and used in a similar manner to plywood re-purposing ocean and recyclable plastics at their source.

To make our business sustainable and to reduce our environmental impact further, we will take back any product we manufacture back as a saving or deposit on new orders. We recycle and re-manufacture this returned product and thank our customers by passing on the recycled savings component on their next repurchasing

We are currently working towards a containerise version of our manufacturing plant that can be placed wherever the impact of ocean plastic or landfill plastic pollution is most prolific and we are actively looking for business partners to scale our business and deliver a commercially sustainable solution to re-purpose our planets current ocean plastic crisis.

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We are open to new ideas!

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