What we make 

Reclaim, Recycle, Recover

We take ocean plastic waste, recyclable or 2nd life plastics and make them into a range of exciting new long life products

We work closely with our clients and their customers to create a better awareness of the challenge we all face with plastic recycling and how we can all become part of a sustainable solution.  
By creating  products that companies need and use to promote their businesses we can better influence individual recycling decisions within the greater economy and introduce everyone to the circular economy we are striving to created.
Our products are manufactured from a combination of reclaimed ocean plastic and recycled plastic unless our clients request virgin material. When using virgin materials we always ensure that any product we make includes a biodegradable additive, can be fully recycled and re-purposed as we journey towards a sustainable circular plastic economy. 
Our promotional products are custom designed to suit your specific needs, fully brand-able and can be recycled into second life products or re-manufactured into any one of our agricultural, OPT board and sheeting products.

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Promotional products..

Merchandising & point of sale products..

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Sheeting & Laminate board products..

How we started...

Simple, Magic, Sounds!

The FoneZela is a self powered loud speaker for mobile phones.
Our Colourful Collection: We believe art of promotion should encourage emotion. With years of experience, we have an extended portfolio to give you inspiration for your next marketing campaign or promotion.

Our manufacturing process..



What next?

We offer a turnkey, bespoke design, rapidprototype and manufacturing solution for our clients. 

If you have a point of sale concept or promotional opportunity that you want to explore we can help make it happen. Our team of designers and engineers use the latest technologies and processes to deliver products that are useful, recyclable and that deliver a qualified return on your investment.

We have successfully delivered products and solutions to leading brands globally and nationally.  Our rapid design and prototyping studio allows you to touch, feel and experience your product before you go into production.

We focus on low volume delivery that will best suit your application, be it a brand promotional item, a corporate gift or a bespoke, specialised product, We use a variety of manufacturing processed from injection moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding  and CNC production solutions so that you get the best product and production process to suit your needs.

With all our products manufactured from recycled, reclaimed, renewable (starch based polymers) or 2nd use materials, we offer a sustainable low impact alternative to traditional solutions.

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